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Sound Strategies For Disability Planning

California law provides that you can control how you live and your property as long as you want to and are able to do so. If you put your affairs in order by setting out proper instructions with designation of those who are to carry out your will, then you will never lose the control of your life. If you do not have people in your life whom you can trust, then the law can help you more than you know.

Your Success Can Buy Nothing More Important Than Peace Of Mind

“I believe that building confidence is paramount in a successful client-lawyer relationship. If I do or say anything that causes a breakdown in confidence, I expect my clients to tell me. Creating peace of mind for your family is my highest priority.” Attorney Bruce Ketron, Esq.

Retain The Right Lawyer — work with a lawyer whose practice is limited to Trust, Estate And Probate Law

Attorney Bruce Ketron has been helping families make key decisions about disability and special needs planning with his practice limited to these areas for more than 30 years. He offers in-depth knowledge of complex legal options for individuals who need to turn their affairs over to a trusted loved one.

The Law Offices of Bruce Ketron has offices in Napa and Santa Rosa to serve clients in Napa County and Sonoma County more effectively. Call 707-226-1700 to schedule a consultation.

Mr. Ketron focuses on the key components of a successful relationship with his clients, including:

  • Being very considerate in thinking about your long-term needs, while working toward an immediate solution that may be required for estate preservation and planned giving
  • Helping you put your current situation into perspective, to attain the best outcome for achieving your objectives
  • Providing value for what you are paying for legal advice and representation

Do You Need Help with the Following?

“I worry about slowing down and having trouble keeping track of things. How do I protect myself?” Your lawyer should work for you, be loyal to you and find what you need to assure you are able to live within your means. Probably no area of law has changed more in recent times than the rights and protections of those with disabilities.

“It makes me angry to be told that I need help.” Many people find it hard to admit that they can’t handle things the way they used to due to age or illness. It’s even harder to think that they have to give up control. The sooner you act, the longer things will be as you want them to be. If you delay, you give up control.

“I fear for my elderly loved one who is at risk.” Of course you want to help, but you must follow the rules. Good intentions are no defense when dealing with the elderly. WARNING: The new field of elder abuse is technical and overpowering. Pitfalls and problems can and should be avoided by working with an experienced and capable lawyer. It’s even harder to think that they have to give up control. A delay in following legal steps is at your own risk!

  1. A living trust allows your chosen trustee to do what is right
  2. A power of attorney appoints an agent to handle other matters
  3. You can appoint a health care agent to assure proper health care
  4. A court-supervised conservatorship is expensive but may be necessary

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Because the firm is engaged in providing legal counsel from the beginning of the client-lawyer relationship, Mr. Ketron does not provide a complimentary evaluation for disability planning. Call 707-226-1700, or contact us by email with a brief description of your situation to request a scheduled consultation.