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Don’t Put Your Success on Hold: It Begins with Planning for the Future NOW

Success begins with planning, and it continues by carrying out that plan. Work with an attorney who cares and listens to what is important to you.

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“I Advise, You Decide”

Adjust and Repurpose Resources to Preserve Your Family Values

It has been said that, “Thrift is truly a virtue … especially in an ancestor.”

Attorney Bruce Ketron understands how important it is for successful people to recognize, protect and enjoy their success. That includes having peace of mind knowing that your success will be handled properly by the ones you entrust it to after you are gone.

Providing services from offices in Santa Rosa since 1974 and Napa since 1988, the Law Offices of Bruce Ketron has become recognized by successful individuals and families for taking a unique perspective on estate law. Bruce Ketron was certified as a specialist in the area of Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law on January 7, 1991 and participated in the specialist program until 2019 when he did not renew his certification. His law practice is limited to trust law, administration of trusts and probates and estate planning.  He is in a position to provide in-depth knowledge to help guide you through complex legal decisions that will impact how your assets are preserved and passed on for the benefit of future generations.

What The Firm Offers

Schedule a consultation to meet with attorney Bruce Ketron if you are looking for:

  • An experienced attorney to create an estate plan customized to your situation
  • A lawyer who will LISTEN to you and address your immediate, as well as generational needs
  • A specialist who focuses exclusively in the legal areas of wills and trusts and planned giving
  • A knowledgeable and professional staff with the capacity to handle any situation that may arise while you are living and after you are gone

A complete estate plan includes the following:

Living trust (if appropriate)
Last will and testament
Durable powers of attorney for both health care and finance
Conservator nomination
Documents to help you get started
Probating wills and administering estates upon death

After You Decide

At the end of your consultation, the firm receives one-half of the retainer and will schedule a time for you to return (about a week) to sign your estate plan documents. You will be protected by the estate plan the moment you walk out the door, but the work may not be complete.

As part of the estate planning process, we’ll invite you to return about six weeks later for a follow-up appointment. At this follow-up appointment, you can check to ensure the assets are retitled correctly and/or to ask any additional questions.

Mr. Ketron and staff remain available throughout the funding process to answer your questions.

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Estate Management Problems

Resolving complex problems in all areas of estate administration, including proper documentation of records and the disposition of assets.

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Serving Napa County And Sonoma County For More Than 30 Years

Mr. Ketron is ready to answer questions about ways you can move forward to protect your assets for your future and future generations. Call us at 707-226-1700, or send an email to schedule a consultation at an office location nearest you in Napa or Santa Rosa, California.