Napa Estate Attorney assists with death administration

Death Administration

Ketron & Associates can share with you what worked well for others.  But there are pitfalls and things to know as we all have heard about when things did not go well.

It is very personal and never easy when you learn that someone you love may not live much longer. Feelings are so very real as emotions run high but we have learned that there are steps to take AND steps NOT to take. While there can be much worry about how to handle matters in the end stages of someone’s life and immediately after someone has passed away, the lawyer has a duty to let you know what to do and the best way to do what must be done.

Comfort and Peace of Mind of Having Your Affairs in Order: In the best of all possible worlds, everyone would have their affairs in order before it was too late. Sadly, this is far from reality. While taking care of one’s affairs while in the end stages of life is not optimal, it is almost always possible to make the transition easier and less difficult to do the right thing. What is right depends upon who and what is involved.

Listening Support and Sharing: We all know how much it can help to have someone to share and support us at crucial times. The travel through the final stages of life with a loved one is too important not to have the help necessary. We believe our clients deserve compassion and empathy because we’ve been there, too.

Property and Personal Protection: During times of stress your property and personal matters can be most vulnerable. Family and personal considerations are paramount so your legal structure must assure protection while allowing proper respect to the people involved. Your lawyer has a duty to know what needs to be done and to keep everyone out of trouble.

If someone you love is nearing death and you don’t know what to do, please know you can call us.